Yorkshire wine tasting at Holmfirth Vineyard

When you think of wine you might not think about Yorkshire but in fact, the county does have a few vineyards including the Holmfirth Vineyard on the hills above the West Yorkshire village of Holmfirth. Here you can do some Yorkshire wine tasting at Holmfirth Vineyard.

When we visited we had a delicious lunch first. The food was excellent and the views incredible. From the restaurant, you can see the vineyard which makes for a great view.

Yorkshire wine tasting at Holmfirth Vineyard

Then we headed for the tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable about wine and the history of the vineyard. We sat outside amongst the vines to listen, it was a bit windy but there is nothing better than some good Yorkshire air!

Yorkshire wine tasting at Holmfirth Vineyard

Wine tasting in Yorkshire

Next, it was time to taste some wine. For this, we went back inside to where the wine is made. They had a white, rose and red to try.

To be honest, they were all good, much better than I was expecting.

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Once we had finished the tasting we decided to sit back in the bar and have another glass – Why not?! Before getting a taxi back into the village where we stayed at The Old Bridge Inn for the night.

Yorkshire wine tasting at Holmfirth Vineyard

We received a gift voucher as a birthday gift and it makes an excellent present for anyone who also loves wine. Alongside lunch, they offer dinner and afternoon tea in the restaurant. You can visit the restaurant without wine tasting as well.

Holmfirth is known more for Last of the Summer Wine than for wine tasting but I have to say we had a wonderful afternoon at Holmfirth Vineyard!

Find out more about the wine tasting tour here.

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